Rug cleaning



There are differents types of rug. We at Cassidy know that, so we adjust our equipment and cleaning solution to achieve a great result on your rug cleaning, and for the safety of the fibers. Rug cleaning is one of our specialties. Because we are located in Shelton, carpet and rug cleaning is part of our routine in this city.

Rug cleaning with eco-friendly system

Friendly rug cleaning. We utilize a variety of eco-friendly natural, green products. We believe green cleaning is not only about the cleaning solution that we use, but also knowing that we utilize equipment not moved by gas or propane, which means 0% emissions into the atmosphere. During and immediately after the rug cleaning process your family, and pets are safe.

rug cleaning process with cassidy

There are different cleaning systems in the market today. We at Cassidy utilize the three best methods according to your needs, which depend on the type of fibers in your rug and how dirty it is. The three systems are called: dry compound cleaning, encapsulation cleaning and hot water extraction (also known as steam cleaning).

Contact us to learn more details about dry compound and encapsulation cleaning. 

Our hot water cleaning process is divided into 5 steps:

1.  A carpet cleaning specialist will inspect the carpet fiber for stains, odors and current damage.

2. Pre-vacuuming of the fibers with a vacuum designed to be gentle and friendly to the rug.

3. Application of the cleaning solution and a gentle brushing of the fibers to remove most of the dirt and stains. This process will loosen the dirt or stains on  the carpet and allow for easier removal.

4. Hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning. A gentle spray will inject hot water to kill allergens, but not damage your rug fibers. This is done in synergy with a powerful vacuum to extract all the dirt, odors and allergens from your rug. 

5. The last step is the carpet drying. While we remove our equipment from your house, our two powerful air movers perform the drying on your carpet. We prioritize each step so you can have a dry rug within hours.


Cassidy Rug cleaning in shelton