Mattress Cleaning Oxford - Connecticut

Our Equipament

Powerful and Gentle Vacuum


The first step in our service is vacuuming. We have a large arsenal of vacuums that allow us to work according to your specific need. More than 50% of the dust imbedded in your carpet, on your floor, or in your upholstery will be lifted with proper detailing, which is done using top-of-the-line German and American vacuums. 

Agitator Equipment


The agitator step is vital – because it will break down the soil which didn't come out during the first vacuuming phase.  In combination with the right solution, the agitator breaks down the dirt to allow an easy and most gentle extraction – which is the last step in the cleaning process.  Most companies skip this process and perform a rushed job.  

Powerfull Extractors


Our powerful and durable extractors are made in America and Italy, and they do well in residential and commercial settings. The extraction process involves a mixture of scrubbing, careful injection of hot water, and vacuuming.

Cleaning Solution

Safe & powerful solution

We utilize the best cleaning solutions on the market and carefully select one of our superior solutions according to your specific needs.  Our solutions are safe for children and pets; they are green and environmentally friendly and will not damage – but rather protect, your carpets and rugs.  Additionally, our solutions create a natural, pleasant aroma in your abode.